Estonian Association of German Shepherds (EAGS)

EAGS is a non-profit association, founded in 1993.EAGS unites all those, who love German Shepherds – people for whom this is a hobby as well as professionals.EAGS organises conformation shows, trials, training camps, seminars, etc.The comprehensive high-quality journal “Saksa Lambakoer” (German Shepherd) is published three times a year. Also non-members may subscribe to the journal.
EAGS is a member of Estonian Kennel Union and WUSV.


The birthday of the Estonian Association of German Shepherds (EAGS) is April 16th 1993. That was the day when people who considered the German Shepherd their favourite breed at the time, gathered at the former Sailors’ Club. The aim of the gathering – to create an organisation which´ main activities would include everything related to the breeding, raising and training of the German Shepherd.

The idea of creating such an association developed slightly earlier. Led mainly by two  activists, Ms Tatjana Tsernjakova and Ms Astrid Aas (now Lundava), the planning of the creation of the club was begun at the end of 1992. It started by studying the legislation and experiences of the clubs of neighbouring states – and later on suitable rooms for the meeting were found and invitations were sent out.  90 people participated at the founding meeting – based on the will of those people the association was created, articles of association were approved and the first board was  elected.

The other topics at the meeting were to start holding speciality shows based on regulations similar to Germany, desire for breed surveys and working trial competitions was also expressed.

The very first members of the EAGS Board were: Ms Astrid Aas (Lundava),  Ms Linda Käär, Ms Urve Lageda, Ms Heli Pärnpuu, Ms Heli Talvik, Ms Natalja Tabujeva, Ms Tatjana Tsernjakova and Mr Aleksander Kuzin – the first Chairman of the Board was Mr Aivar Jõelaid.

However, it became difficult for Ms Heli Talvik to participate at the board meetings of EAGS as she lived in Tartu – so in August of 1993 she was replaced by Ms Vilve Roosioks.

Thanks to the people mentioned above, and many others, the association „got going“ – it joined the Estonian Kennel Union and thanks to Ms Heli Pärnpuu, good cooperation with the Finnish Association of German Shepherds was established. Actually their help proved very useful in the early years of the EAGS.

Speciality shows

The first speciality show took place already in May 1993, with Mr Pekka Hannula (Finland) as the judge. Winners of the working class

V 1 Queno vom Wittelsbacher Schloss (+Don v Lennefetal – +Assie v Wittelsbacher Schloss) owner: Tatjana Tsernjakova

V 1 Fest Kiefer Alina (Bekeschegyi Karo – Hesseni Yoga) owner: Marika Tulupova

The first show to award the VA in Estonia, was held 31.04.-01.05.2005, Mr Hans-Joachim Dux (Germany) as the judge.

VA1 +Mischaland’s Jeltsin (+Kevin v Murrtal – +Mischaland’s Silla) owners: A.Eriksson & S.Gustafsson, Sweden

VA1 +Mischaland’s Sally (+Bax vd Luisenstrasse – +Mischaland’s Skilla) owners: A.Eriksson & S.Gustafsson, Sweden


Translators: Merike Klement / Ülle Üksik